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The story

The ‘Samba’ paddock faces the afternoon sun of the north-eastern side of Moondarra. These vines are more exposed to the ‘angrier’ afternoon sun and the stresses of the westerly winds, compared to the ‘Conception’ vineyard.


The winemaking

We use between half and two-thirds whole bunch in our Samba Side Pinot Noir. When we handpick in late April the stems are usually dry and desiccated. This brings a dried orange-peel kind of bitter-sweetness; an amaro tannin rather than the overt bitterness usually associated with ‘whole bunch’ pinot. The fruit is cold macerated prior to fermentation to extract colour and flavour from the skins.

The pre-ferment cold-soak takes about ten days. Subsequently, the wine is brought out of the cool room and allowed to start fermentation naturally. The ferments are in small 500-litre bins and are foot-plunged three times a day. As soon as fermentation is complete, the wine is pressed to Barriques.

Domenic Laurent ‘Magic Casks’ are used for our Samba Side, because, quite simply, they seem to get along splendidly. The wine is put to barrel in a turbid state, fermenting entirely on lees. This adds a kind of chocolate-mocha flavour to the mid-palate and leaves more desirable aromatics in the wine.

Malolactic fermentation is completed in barrel and the wine is bottled without filtration after about one year. Not filtering seems to leave the wine ‘slipperier’ and with more lifted aromatics.


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