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Old School Nebbiolo Moondarra


The winemaking

Harvest is typically late in the season, from early to mid-May. The must is then taken out of the cool room and plunged by foot three times a day, right through primary fermentation.

At ‘dryness’ we transfer to a variable capacity tank with all skins and lees in the hope of leaving it like this until the following vintage. This ‘old school’ post-fermentation maceration softens the massive tannin of nebbiolo by polymerisation of the short-chain molecules into longer-chain, producing softer tannins.

“I adore the plushness this brings.” – Neil Prentice

Four words, cappello sommerso, maceration lungo.

2016 - 3 x bottles - $120
2016 - 6 x bottles - $240
2016 - 12 x bottles - $480