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Neil Prentice Talks Conception, Samba, Beef & Clones
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"Thanks @moondarra for your amazing grass fed wagyu!"

9 April 2013




Wine, Cider & Jungle Curry
It could so easily be a civil war on the palate but how do you match the flavours and notes of European-style wine, cider and beer with the fiery pungency of a Thai curry, adorned with four types of chilli?

Winemaker and supplier Neil Prentice and Executive Chef of Chin Chin, Benjamin Cooper put their heads together to make hot food and western drink combinations that work. Download Broadcast

Broadcast: 7 March 2013
Radio National - RN First Bite



Best foot forward in NZ

IT'S just a hunch, but Detective reckons there will be few left hungry after the Beef, Butter, Truffles and
Wine dinner at Melbourne's The Point Albert Park on August 14. Popular Sydney butter maker Pepe Saya will team up with truffle supplier Simon Friend, Neil Prentice of Moondarra Tajima Beef and McLaren Vale winemaker Brioni Oliver of Oliver's Taranga for a degustation dinner created by The Point executive chef Justin Wise. Tickets: $120 a person.
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TheWeekend Australian
4 August 2012



106 Smith St, Collingwood
Ph: 9417 6328

That's lots of lips wrapped around a sweet, sesame-dotted Breadtop bun
encasing a criminally juicy Moondarra wagyu patty as well as tomato, cheese, lettuce, pickles, mustard, tomato sauce and house-made mayo. They're small-ish but perfectly formed, so no shame in ordering two. Flippin' good... Read full review

The Herald Sun - Weekend
21 July 2012



Moondarra Conception & Samba Side Pinot Noir 2010 - Gippsland Mountain Rivers Districts, Victoria, Australia

Must have Wine of the Week
Arguably the most profound pinot noir in the New World and emphatic proof that Australia has a two-speed wine industry... Read full review

Curtis Marsh
The Wandering Palate
July 2012



"09 Samba Side from @moondarra! Thanks Neil. Awesome drop!"

4 April 2012



Thanks @FlowerDrumMelb! Seriously delicious!!!

4 April 2012



Cutting out eating could lengthen your lifespan, Wandering Palate study finds
... Prentice also discovered his Tajima Beef had ‘melt in your mouth’ fatty acids (Oleic and Stearic acid) identical to the Jamon, or Iberico Pigs, treasured for their dried meat and small-goods and has been experimenting with “Sobrasada” style sausages and air-dried salami... Read full article

Curtis Marsh



Yowsers @moondarra Conception PNoir 2010 is fantastic. Wild, off-beat and delicious; idiosyncratic. Shiny turbidity, vital. More please.

25 March 2012



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Where's the Beef?

Initially, I guess I didn’t really care; as long as it was a quality piece of beef, cooked in accordance to the cut and to my liking. I could easily give an opinion (informed or otherwise) on what I believe to be the best cut for a steak, whether dry aged is better than wet aged, marbling and how much, when to season your meat... Read full article
21 September 2011



Making the great leap forward
Chin Chin was a slow train coming (to borrow a line from one of the stalwarts of its nostalgia-soaked soundtrack) but it arrived with the power of a runaway locomotive. Simply pushing open the heavy glass door from Flinders Lane is a sensory experience... Read full article

Larissa Dubecki
The Age - Epicure
2 August 2011



Menus of a Geisha
Welcome to Geisha 2.0, the brainchild of the 30-year-old waiter, blogger and food enthusiast, Lee. Since its launch four months ago, Lee has been re-creating a modern take on the geisha concept, steering food-loving locals, tourists and corporate clientele through a whistle-stop tour of the best of Melbourne's... Read full article

Sarina Lewis
The Saturday Age
30 July 2011



The flavour of the land
Neil Prentice's wagyu beef tastes of where it was raised. A herd of short, fat black cows grazes by a vineyard in the hills. The cattle are wagyu and the vines in the vineyard produce pinot noir grapes. This is Neil Prentice's partnets' farm at Moondarra, overlooking the Latrobe Valley... Read full article

Richard Cornish
The Age - Epicure
12 July 2011



Wagyu & Wine
Neil Prentice has a serious passion for wine... and food... and matching the two. Born in Warragul, Neil is the grandson of Gippsland dairy farmers. He works his parents’ property ‘Moondarra’, near Erica, running 60 wagyu cattle and the Moondarra vineyard... Read full article

Milk Magazine
July/August 2011



A trip to Libertine will appeal to your inner Francophile
Libertine is fond of events. On Thursday 19th May, Libertine team up with Neil Prentice - certified wine and wagyu beef legend - for a delightful four course meal, matched carefully to Neil's Prentice, Moondarra and Holly's Garden wine labels.... Read full article

Kelly Eng
Time Out - Melbourne
10 May 2011



Pagan A-Prentice Dinner
The Pagan A-Prentice Dinner - Neil Prentice, wine and wagyu master will be holding a public dinner at Fix St James on 26th May and at Libertine in Melbourne on 19th May 2011.... Read full article

Australian Gourmet Pages
May 2011



Sample wine and beef master Neil Prentice's much-applauded Moondarra wagyu when he hosts a special meal at Sydney's Fix St James. On Thursday, May 26, diners have the opportunity to acquait themselves with tipples from his Prentice, Moondarra and Holly's Garden labels as he talks... Read full article

Australian Financial Review
Life & Leisure
May 2011



The Pagan A-Prentice
Wine and wagu master Neil Prentice will be hosting a feast at Libertine in North Melbourne, to showcase some of his finest wines and wagu. Neil will be serving wine from his Prentice, Moondarra and Holly's Garden labels, as well as highlighting his raison d'être, quality produce, good conversation and all things eating and drinking.

Neil's dinner guests will not only be treated to the fine food and wine he will be serving, he will also talk to them about the pagan and biodynamic approaches he takes to making his wines. Guests are also common to comment on or critique his produce, all while testing the products themselves.

To top it all off, Libertine Head Chef Andre De Laine, will be serving up a course of Neil’s much-applauded Moondarra Wagu, completing the Prentice portfolio.
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Broadsheet Melbourne
9 May, 2011



Moondarra Tajima Beef
Everything you like about wagyu - only grass-fed. Being grass-fed, Moondarra Tajima has more substance than most wagyu. The muscle is still shot with pale fat but is slightly gamy and has a minerality that reflects its grass-fed provenance... Read full article

Richard Cornish
Gourmet Traveller
October 2009



Slice of life
Industry stalwart Neil Prentice keeps on making the good stuff. The man who brought us the mind-bendingly fun sushi bar The Bird Cage in the early 2000s has found another way to get us to eat the amazing good grass-fed wagyu cattle he farms in Gippsland... Read full article

Richard Cornish
The Age Epicure



Steaking a Claim
With his background in restaurant, you could say "beef and burgundy" has always been a familiar theme for Neil Prentice. Not only has he served the dish up to diners, but as a farmer he also produces the ingredients...
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Gail Thomas
Farm Magazine
March 2009



Chewing the fat
With its prized marbling of tasty fat, Wagyu beef has stampeded our local menus. But unscrupulous cooks are cashing in on the cachet with cheap substitutes. It was late 1999 and a small group of friends were sitting around St Kilda's funky new Japanese bar the Birdcage... Read full article

Richard Cornish
The Age Epicure



Beef is the cure
These beautifully handcrafted wagyu beef smallgoods deserve every morsel of praise we can lay upon them. Rich clean and complex, the range of salami, cacciatore "proscuitto" and bresaola is made by professional manufacturers using grass-fed wagyu cattle grown in Moondarra Read full article

Richard Cornish
The Age Epicure


Glutton : Council House
Forget degustation, the word on everyone's lips is 'locavore'. It means eating seasonal, locally produced food to benefit the environment... while a perfectly cooked slab of Gippsland-raised Moondarra wagyu ($32) banishes my doubts about wagyu steak once and for all. It all makes us proud to be Victorian. Read full article

Jane Hutchinson
Sunday Herald Sun



Love me tender
In Victoria's Gippsland hills, Melbourne restaurateur Neil Prentice is striving to grow the ultimate pinot noir - and Australia's best beef... This property, about two hours' drive from Melbourne, is a kind of idealised hobby farm for wine enthusiast, foodie, Nipponophile and restaurateur Neil Prentice... Read full article

John Lethlean
Gourmet Traveller
November 2002



Snags of excellence
You could call the new wagyu beef sausages a gourmet variety, though a better description might be a sausage with a pedigree. Wagyu, of course, is that exalted Japanese breed now being raised in Moondarra in Gippsland and appearing on some of Melbourne's best... Read full article

Necia Wilden
The Age - Epicure



Cattle Kings
We've heard the stories about Kobe beef and Wagyu cattle, those mollycoddled black beasts descended from an ancient Japanese breed. They're raised on a diet of beer and sake-soaked grain and regularly treated to massage and acupuncture...
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Carolyn Holbrook
The Age - Epicure